Skoda Services

Mileage: 15000 km
Labor Cost: 25
Tota Cost: 1500
Spare Parts Price
spare1 320
spare 2 250

we like to make things simple for you. Whether it’s in the Simply Clever features of our vehicles, or the convenience of the services we provide. So to continue that trend, we’ve now made it even easier for new contract hire customers to keep their ŠKODA in prime condition.

If you bought a new ŠKODA after 1 January 2015 on contract hire, you are eligible for instant access to an array of services from ŠKODA Driverline including Breakdown & Recovery, Service and Maintenance, and more. As part of the service we’ve set up a dedicated 24-hour phone service, available 365 days a year―and what's more accessing our services couldn't be easier―simply call us and select the appropriate option.


ŠKODA Driverline services

1. Breakdown & recovery services

2. Reporting accidents and damage*

3. Service booking or maintenance enquiries

4. Tyres

Mileage: 10000 Kg
Labor Cost: 80
Tota Cost: 1000
Spare Parts Price
Oil Filter 250
Air filter 500
oil change 250